Easy to follow program that will help you gain strength to do strict pull-ups

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This Train Your Weakness FOCUSED programming will have you doing pull-ups in just 6 weeks.

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Add-On Progression Programming

Train Your Weakness is an add-on program to your current fitness regime. Dedicate an extra 30 minutes, three times a week, for 6 weeks to see results.

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Coach's Notes Included

Each session will have your coach's insights about why you are doing the movement, recovery notes, and more - so you can be sure each step of the way.

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Created By The Best

Every single Train Your Weakness programs are forged out of many years of elite CrossFit® experience.



Warm-up (5 min)
10 up and down dogs 
10 alternating chest stretch 
10 alternating child's pose lat stretch
No rest
2 sets:
5 very easy banded strict pull-ups 
Rest 30 seconds between sets

Movement Cues:
During the 'up dog,' make sure you squeeze your butt and press up as tall as you can, like a giraffe. 
In the 'down dog,' imagine pressing the floor away from you and reaching your heels down to the floor and your butt up to the ceiling.
For the chest stretch, lay face down with your arms out to the sides and elbows bent to 90 degrees. Roll towards the side you want to stretch. Alternate sides for 10 total reps.
In the child’s pose, use a wide knees position and sit your butt all the way back to your heels. Walk your hands away from you as you drop your chest to the floor. From here, walk your hands side to side feeling a deep stretch down the side of the body. 
On the strict pull-ups, keep the difficulty at a level of a 10-15 rep max. These are more for a warm-up for the movement and not to build strength. Choose a level of assistance that makes these attainable.

Specific (10 min) 
Test for a one-rep max pull-up 
Rest 1-2 minutes between attempts

Movement Cues:
Using either bands or external load, figure out the hardest single pull-up you can complete without kipping. Record this, so you can track your progress over the next six weeks. 
You may not feel like you need rest between attempts but it is very important to take adequate rest during this portion.

Strength (10 min)
4 sets:
8 pause barbell rows
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Movement Cues:
Start with the barbell just below your knees. Lift the barbell to your chest, focusing on bringing your elbows toward the ceiling and pushing your chest out to meet the barbell. Next, and most importantly, pause with the barbell while in contact with your chest for one full second. This is an incredibly humbling exercise and will likely be much lighter than what you are used to using for barbell rows. The ability to control the barbell as it touches your chest will pay huge dividends in upper back strength for pull-ups.

Control (5 min)
3 sets: 
10 cat and cow stretches 
30 seconds hollow hold or hollow rock (choose 1 of the 3 levels below) 
No rest

Movement Cues:
Start the ‘cow’ portion of the stretch on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Relax and drop your belly to the floor as you lift your chest and imagine touching the back of your head to your tailbone. 
During the ‘cat’ portion, press down hard through your hands and knees as you round your back up toward the ceiling like a scared cat. 
Level 1 hollow hold - hollow tuck: Laying on your back, start by tucking your knees to your chest and bringing your heels to your butt. Keeping your knees to your chest, lift your upper back off the floor and imagine bringing your chest to meet your knees as you reach your arms past your legs.
Level 2 hollow hold: Starting in the Hollow Tuck position, keep squeezing your knees to your chest and curling your shoulders off the ground. Raise your arms overhead as if to dive into a pool. Raising your arms overhead will cause you to want to relax your shoulders to the floor, but you must stay strong and curl your whole upper back off the floor.
Level 3 hollow hold / hollow rock: Once you have level 2 mastered, you can start extending one or both legs and begin to rock back and forth. The key to this stage is that only your lower back should be in contact with the floor. If you feel that your lower back is lifting off the floor then you must return to level 1 or level 2.


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Brent Fikowski

Brent has been a CrossFit Regionals athlete since 2013 and a CrossFit Games athlete since 2016. He is nicknamed "The Professor" because of his deliberate and thoughtful approach to training. He also started The Professor Project in 2018, helping athletes become more efficient in movement, mindset, and more. 

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Bobby Dee @ RAW Strength

Bobby Dee at Raw Strength and Conditioning coached Brent Fikowski from 2013 - 2018. By focusing on Brent's weaknesses, they qualified for the CrossFit® Games and landed on the podium. The caliber of athletes Bobby Dee has coached is matched by his own personal achievements. He holds a Masters in Chiropractic, has elite history in the military, podium finisher in Australia’s Strongest Man, completed an Iron Man, an ultramarathon and competed at a high level in rugby and CrossFit®.

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Jeremy Meredith

2-time CrossFit® Games individual competitor and 9-time regionals athlete, Jeremy is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit® Trainer and owner of CrossFit® Vernon in Vernon, BC, Canada. Jeremy made his first trip to the CrossFit® Games in Carson, California, following that with a repeat trip in 2012. He went on to qualify and compete at regionals 5 more times before retiring from competitive fitness. With over a decade of competing in CrossFit®, Jeremy brings a unique skill set to coaching functional fitness.


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