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Add-On Progression Programming

Train Your Weakness is an add-on program to your current fitness regime. Dedicate an extra 30 minutes, three times a week, for 8 weeks to see results.

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Coach's Notes Included

Each session will have your coach's insights about why you are doing the movement, recovery notes, and more - so you can be sure each step of the way.

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Created By The Best

Every single Train Your Weakness programs are forged out of many years of elite CrossFit® experience.



Control (5min)
90/90 Breathing
1 Set of 15 to 20 Breaths

1 Set:
20 Terminal Knee Extensions per Leg @11X2 Tempo
10 Deadbugs per Side @2121 Tempo
15 Glute Bridge @11X3 Tempo
10 Bird Dogs per Side @1112 Tempo
10 Tall Kneeling Glute Activation @11X2 Tempo
10 Goblet Squats @2221 Tempo 
10 Light Dumbbell Cuban Press @1111 Tempo

Rest as needed throughout

Specific (15min)
Barbell Back Squat
Each rep completed @20X1 Tempo
4 sets of 10 reps
All 4 sets @60% of 1 rep max back squat or RPE 6-7 (could easily complete 3-4 more reps at this weight)
Rest 2-3 minutes between sets

The barbell back squat is the number one focus of this program so we will be doing them often. Ideally we will use the high bar back squat variation as it has a more specific position and strength translation to other movements we do in the gym. 

Each rep will be completed with a 2 second lowering, no pause in the bottom, an explosive intent on the way up (as fast as possible), and a 1 second reset at the top. Be sure you are breathing and bracing well with each rep. It is also paramount that you squat safely into the lowest possible position on every single repetition throughout this program. 

We are starting this progression with higher reps each set at a lower intensity. If you have a 1 rep max back squat, use the percentage prescribed (60%). If you do not know your 1 rep max, we can use the RPE scale as a guide (see course introduction notes for details). Today we are looking for all 4 sets to be at an RPE of 6-7 which means you should be confident you could complete 3-4 more reps in each set at that weight. This may mean adjusting the weight as you go through the 4 sets as the fatigue accumulates. As noted in the introduction, this scale of perceived exertion can take time to get accustomed to so take your time and be very focused on your effort each set to increase awareness. 

Accessory (5min)
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat
Each rep completed @10X1 Tempo
3 sets of 15 reps per leg
Keep 3-4 reps in reserve each set
Rest 45 seconds between legs and sets

Load this movement using a dumbbell in each hand or with a barbell in the back squat position. Each set should be heavy enough that you could only complete 3-4 more reps each set. The back leg should be elevated on a bench or a 16-20” box. When standing with legs together and back of the legs against the bench/box take 3 “heel to toe” steps away from the box and mark this spot on the floor. This is the ideal distance away from the box for your front leg while you complete this movement. Focus on keeping your torso upright or in line with your shin angle while keeping the full front foot on the ground. You should be focused on pushing through the entire foot while completing your reps, not just the heel. Push down through the floor and focus on extending the knee and hip simultaneously with a big squeeze in the lead legs, quads and glutes as you lift and at the top of each rep. The knee should be tracking forward in line with your big toes during the descent as well as the lifting portion of the movement. 


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Brent Fikowski

Brent has been a CrossFit Regionals athlete since 2013 and a CrossFit Games athlete since 2016. He is nicknamed "The Professor" because of his deliberate and thoughtful approach to training. He also started The Professor Project in 2018, helping athletes become more efficient in movement, mindset, and more. 

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Bobby Dee @ RAW Strength

Bobby Dee at Raw Strength and Conditioning coached Brent Fikowski from 2013 - 2018. By focusing on Brent's weaknesses, they qualified for the CrossFit® Games and landed on the podium. The caliber of athletes Bobby Dee has coached is matched by his own personal achievements. He holds a Masters in Chiropractic, has elite history in the military, podium finisher in Australia’s Strongest Man, completed an Iron Man, an ultramarathon and competed at a high level in rugby and CrossFit®.

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Jeremy Meredith

2-time CrossFit® Games individual competitor and 9-time regionals athlete, Jeremy is a Level 2 Certified CrossFit® Trainer and owner of CrossFit® Vernon in Vernon, BC, Canada. Jeremy made his first trip to the CrossFit® Games in Carson, California, following that with a repeat trip in 2012. He went on to qualify and compete at regionals 5 more times before retiring from competitive fitness. With over a decade of competing in CrossFit®, Jeremy brings a unique skill set to coaching functional fitness.


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